The Oral Sex Box - Getting Couples to Third Base

Oral Sex - The Oral Sex Box - Getting Couples To Third Base

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Enjoy giving and receiving
This box will help each of you freshen up, increase each other's sensitivity, and "skill," if that is the right word. Oral sex is not complicated but "bad" oral sex is not good for anyone. Our hope is this box will help you with your first time and every time after that.

Now, these are just things and they can help. But, the best thing you can do with each is communication. So, we included a few cards to help each of you get started.

Oral sex is an extremely intimate and vulnerable experience.
It can also be extremely pleasurable. Become a master of their body, paying close attention to what your spouse likes best.

What is in the box for you both:

Whether you’re weathered at the art of cunnilingus or a newbie, Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel is a great tool to have in your box (and hers)! After a long day, this is no doubt the best dessert and the flavor will leave you wanting seconds!

The healthy hoohoo travel wipes are for you both to freshen up.  They will compliment your natural chemistry, they’re a perfectly portable last-minute refresher. A healthy vagina is a happy one. 

From tools to flavors, this box has everything you want to make a blow job a delightful experience, for you both!

We’re excited to bring you The Helping Head Ultimate BJ Helper. It’s common for some women to have difficulty performing fellatio because of a sensitive gag reflex–this will help with that as well as feel really good for him because of the massage beads on the inside. And to keep things from going too deep.

If performing fellatio is difficult because of the gag reflex, pop in one of the Comfortably Numb Oral Sex Mints. Without an overwhelming flavor of menthol (like most throat numbing products), these mints numb your throat and mouth (just the right amount) to make fellatio easier to perform.

The Doc Johnson Tingling Drops are our favorite! Unlike other gel lubricants, this one has a thin texture that melts in the warmth of your mouth. These drops have the right amount of flavor and sweetness, transforming your husband’s package into candy.

Speaking of candy, remember Pop Rocks? If you liked those, you will love the BJ Blast! This is a really fun way to experience a different sensation during fellatio as it “pops” in the mouth and around the penis.

The box includes:

Product and Direction Cards from The Free Sex Podcast Including:

  • Cunnilingus: Where do I start?
  • Felatio: How to
  • Grooming

A few episodes on the subject


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