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Condoms - Glyde Premium Ethical And Vegan Ultra Condoms: 12-Pack
Condoms - Glyde Premium Ethical And Vegan Ultra Condoms: 12-Pack
Product image 1Condoms - Glyde Premium Ethical And Vegan Ultra Condoms: 12-Pack
Product image 2Condoms - Glyde Premium Ethical And Vegan Ultra Condoms: 12-Pack

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12 Pack

This vegan condom has an extra sheer and silky texture. It's lightly lubricated and crafted for performance and comfort. It delivers a sensational experience to both partners. Glyde Ultra Vegan Condoms exceed global requirements for strength and resilience. Made with a proprietary plant-based formula of thistle extract and natural rubber latex, using Glyde’s patented “double dipping” technology for extra sheerness with complete reliability.

#1 seller a standard/medium fit 53mm, Length: 7.09” /180mm

To Use: Put a drop or two of lube inside the condom before placing it on the penis. This will increase his pleasure. If he isn't circumcised pull back his foreskin before rolling on the condom. Leave a half-inch of space at the tip of the condom to collect the semen, then pinch the air out of the tip. Unroll the condom over his penis as far as it will go. Don't forget to apply lube for both him and her!

About GLYDE: GLYDE is the first certified ethical, vegan & fair trade premium condom brand. Crafted with patented technology and a clean plant-based formula, their products deliver a more satisfying experience while eliminating concerns about harmful additives, animal products and testing.Their ingredients are sourced from worker owned and operated producers with fair trade and labor practices, including providing fair and equal pay for men and women. Their natural rubber is grown sustainably, indigenous to the region, and within close proximity to their manufacturing facility – which minimizes their carbon footprint. GLYDE’s consumer packaging is made with recycled materials, soy and vegetable inks.

● Petrochemicals Free ● Parabens Free ● Gluten Free ● Talc free ● Spermicide Free ● GMO Free ● Certified Ethical and Vegan

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