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Product image 1Massage - Couples Massage Box
Product image 2Massage - Couples Massage Box
Product image 3Massage And More Box
Product image 4Massage And More Box
Product image 5Massage And More Box
Product image 6Massage And More Box
Product image 7Massage And More Box

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  • Naked In The Woods Hemp Seed Massage Oil
  • Honey Almond Massage Candle 
  • Marriage Supply Matchbooks
  • The Original Palmassager
  • Tea Candles
  • Screaming O Vibrating Ring
  • Fing O Tip
  • Eye Mask with Warming heart

Our Freaky Friday Box was a hit for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

So we are gonna make it a staple and added the Fing O Tip toy! We're calling it "The Massage and More Box" and it will help you to set the mood and have some sensual fun. Treat each other to a relaxing massage and then you can enjoy the toys and see where the night will take you together.


As we were putting this box together, we wanted to focus on sensory fun and excitement. So, whether your muscles are tight or your day (or month) has been hectic there are few better ways to unwind together than with a sexy massage! 


Hold it firmly in the palm of the hand and use one, two or three of its round knobs to massage sore muscles.


Naked In The Woods Massage Oil is made using 100% natural blend of essential hemp seed oil. This massage oil provides a slick, professional glide. Better yet, this nutrient-rich formula absorbs into the skin for deep conditioning and moisturizing without a greasy residue. 

Honey Almond Massage Candle: This candle can be lit and then the warm melted oil can be applied to assist in your massage. 

TOYS: Then enjoy two of our best selling products. The Screaming O and Fing O Tip rings will not only add spice to the moment but they also provide pleasure and stamina to your special time. Also, we have included an eye mask and warming heart to add another layer of enjoyment. 

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