About Us

Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is one of the best feelings in the world. There have been thousands and thousands of movies made about finding your soulmate and getting married. But don't you ever wonder what happens after the main characters get married and the movie ends? As you probably know love and marriage gets a lot more complicated and even difficult after you say, "I do."

Have you asked yourself recently what's going on in your marriage and where are you both headed?

Studies consistently show that two of the biggest issues married couples face are a lack of healthy communication and sexual intimacy. These two problems often go hand in hand. You want great sex with you partner but other circumstances are interfering with you being able to feel that deep intimacy and maybe even sexual desire. We can love our spouse deeply, but we also have a history with each other that can cause our communication and sex life with to come to a halt. 

So Marriage Supply was started with you in mind. Actually, with both of you in mind. 



We think that sex bonds couples and helps them to grow trust and intimacy with each other.  Marriages aren't easy and if you aren't making time for each other to talk and to learn and to even have sex, then you might be missing out on some of the most wonderful parts of your marriage.

Nothing says "I'd like to have sex with you" like opening a package of sex toys from Marriage Supply.  Our goal is to add fun, communication, and spice back to your love making. Our products aren't made to cure all your problems but they can help start some conversations and lovemaking for you both. 

Marriage Supply is a curated selection of high quality sex toys that provide you variety and value. The store is a clean, safe, and fun environment for couples to find what they want or have always wanted to try. The selection promotes conversation, mutual satisfaction & respect. Providing you with variety, value, and a little direction.

We also avoid complete nudity or pornographic images on the site. We want you to enjoy your shopping experience and to feel safe and confident with your purchase.

We deliver you great products in completely discrete packing and guarantee your satisfaction. We do not put the name MarriageSupply anywhere on the packaging. 

We also want you to be satisfied with your purchase so if you have any issues contact us and we will make it right or give you a refund.