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We’re proud to be able to bring these products to you. Unlike most mass marketed intimate cleansers and products, Healthy Hoohoo products are made without parabens, alcohol, or harsh chemicals. Yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis are often recurring for many women because of over cleaning and harsh soaps.

These pH balanced products, clean your vagina without masking the pheromones – which naturally attracts your mate. You can now order all of Healthy Hoohoo products below

Katie and Candice Review the Healthy Hoohoo Feminine Wipes

on the Free Sex Podcast at 10:40

Healthy Hoohoo Feminine Wipes, a natural and pH balanced wipe that is perfect for travel, post workout, during that special time of the month, or just to freshen up.

#60 Thongs, Lululemon and How To Properly Wash Your Vagina

On this episode, we talk with the maker of Healthy Hoo Hoo, Stacy. We go into details about why doctors are seeing more vaginosis and vaginitis in their patients, and what we can do to avoid irritation and infection of the vagina. Thongs and Lululemons, the uniform of our generation, may be causing more than lust and head turns - infections!

The foamer, the wash, or the wipes?

All three are natural gentle cleansers and are intended for any daily shower routine. The choice is simply a matter of preference. The foamer offers a light foam and quick clean rinse, while the wash offers a smooth liquid. If you use a washcloth you may prefer the wash. Lastly the wipes are great for travel, camping, yoga, or just being on the go.

the healthy hoohoo mission

To make women happy and healthy by providing gentle care for “down there.” healthy hoohoo respects a woman’s body and believes it should be treated like a temple. Reducing the amount of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis is simply one step to better health. We value wellness, the best ingredients, and being relentlessly authentic.

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