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Babeland Massage Candle

This candle is great! It provides light, a gentle scent, smooth consistency, and has natural ingredients! This soy-based candle is infused with jojoba oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and Vitamin E—great for your skin! Tips for her: Have your man lay on his back. Straddle him (without penetration) and drip the candle, one drip at a time, onto his chest. Massage the oil into his chest, shoulders and neck. Tease him by trailing your fingers down to his penis. When you’re ready, get on him, cowgirl style, and ride him home. 
 Yee-haw!  Tips for him: Have her lay on her stomach comfortably and straddle her legs. Drip the wax from the candle onto her back and massage it...

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