Where do you store your toys?

We have three young children in our family and after our youngest saw a c-ring on top of the dresser and asked, “Where did you get that funny looking rubber band?” we knew we needed to have a better plan for storing our toys. 

There are lots of ways to store your toys discreetly, but there are two main things to think of when putting them away. You want your toys to be clean and the storage place to be easily accessible before and after those romantic moments. 

Our last post talked about cleaning your toys so here are some suggestions to help you store them. We have a few that are simple and practical storage options and then we have some more fun “mystery” hiding spots for the more adventurous folks. 

  1. A bedside table with a drawer that locks. This is simple and gets the job done but this can be an expensive option if you don’t have this type of furniture already in your bedroom.
  2. A lockbox that can fit under your bed. This is discreet and easy to access. Just make sure the box is the right size to fit all of your toys and larger toys. There are lock boxes specifically made to hide sex toys but they look like they have sex toys in them
  3. Fill the pockets of your big and bulky winter coat. If you’re like us you have a big coat hanging in the back of your closet. Use those big warm pockets to store your toys. 
  4. Some sites suggest tupperware which is a clean option but most tupperware is see-through so you still have to find a hidden place. 
  5. A fun idea is in the base of a large bedside lamp. Often times the base of a lamp is hollow and can hold your toys if you put them in the right size container. 
  6. What’s closer to you on the bed than your pillow. Choose one pillow and remove some of the stuffing from it. Place your container of toys in and no one will know the difference...well unless they wanted to take a nap and pick the one bad pillow for napping! 
  7. A shoebox. Don’t throw that box away after you take out your new Nike’s. We tried this one. We put our toys in the box and the had a folder and some papers that we placed over it so if opened the box looked like storage for important documents. 
  8. A “tool” box. Many toolboxes have a removable shelf so that you could keep tools on the shelf and underneath your toys. 
  9. A backpack. Simple and effective. Just put your toys in and then cover with an old blanket. Also, you can usually apply a small lock to the zippers for added security. 

We’d love to hear more ideas from you about great places to store your toys! Email us and let us know your clever ideas. 

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