What if sex came with instructions?

It’s the weekend. You finally put the kids to bed. You both are in the mood to make love and you even have the candles, lube, and toys all ready to go by the bedside. Sex is here for you both!

Except it’s not. Because your partner is doing things, and let’s just be honest, wrong. Wrong for you and wrong for you to achieve an orgasm. If you are like many other folks, you love your spouse or partner and want to have sex with them, but you haven’t figured out a way to convey how your sexual needs and desires can be met. The communication problems usually stem from one of these thoughts:

  • I’ll hurt their feelings or embarrass them.
  • I’ll seem rude or unloving.
  • Stopping and correcting them will spoil the mood.
  • What if they think I’m a freak?
  • I don’t exactly know what to tell them!

These thoughts are perfectly normal and most of us have felt this way at some point in our sex journey. It’s intimidating to tell someone how they should have sex with you. People can get their feelings hurt and even worse sometimes they are offended or pouty about being told what to do. But this post isn’t about them. It’s about you having the best sex of your life.

So first let’s get the most important thing out of the way. You deserve great sex and have full authority over your body and how you want it to be treated. It’s tricky knowing what feels good sexually to your partner. You live in your body and know more about it than anyone else. So you have every right to receive pleasure on your terms.

Secondly, you can’t talk yourself into settling. At Marriage Supply we believe everyone is capable of having great sex no matter what they look like, where they come from, or what past their experiences have tried to tell them about themselves. So why settle for sex when you can be on the path to having mind blowing, wall shaking, love making? Don’t settle. Figure out what you want and desire. Then you must add your voice to the equation.

As we said earlier you know what feels right and good. But your partner doesn’t. Tell them. You aren’t telling them how to play with your clitoris to embarrass them. You are telling them to improve both of your sexual experiences. That’s because most people love giving their partner real pleasure. Humans don’t know everything and it’s good to be taught something you don’t know. Take it slow and be gentle and caring, but let your lover know what they can do to make you feel so good.

Lastly, have fun. Sex can be intimate and hot and passionate but it has to be fun as well. Be loving and forgiving to each other and laugh. Here at Marriage Supply we know that you have to learn how to have great sex. Your journey might take a while. Don’t fret. It’s your journey and you take all the time you need. Make mistakes and be goofy and try new things and laugh. Sex isn’t a test to be passed. Sex is a way of connecting with someone like no other. So it has to be fun and enjoyable.

Don’t forget to add that fun to your next sex-venture with some great toys from Marriage Supply.

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