This Valentine's Day... give your spouse a Screaming O!

Our most popular product is the Screaming O Vibrating Cock Ring. People from all over buy this little sex toy more than any other product at  Now it could be that it is our most affordable sex toy, but we think there is something more to it. 

The Screaming O is one of the best products to try out when you and your spouse are looking to start using sex toys together. 

The Screaming O has a very simple design. A stretchy ring attached to a small vibrator can go around the penis, or penis and balls, and give you just enough vibration to add a little smile to both of your faces. It’s not an intimidating sex toy and if you don’t like it you didn’t break the bank buying it. 

We even have two versions, a disposable one and a reusable one!

Many people, especially Christian couples, often feel intimidated buying sex toys. The search data for adult toys often reveals keywords and search terms like Christian Sex Toys, Sex Toys For Christians, Safe Sex Toys For Adults, No Porn Sex Toy Sites, and Sex Toys For Married Couples to name a few. People like you are searching for sex toys but they want to find the toys on sites that they trust and feel comfortable viewing the site.

At Marriage Supply we aren’t trying to sell you Christian Sex Toys. What we want is for all of our customers to feel safe, respected, comfortable, excited, and trust us with providing them great products. It doesn’t matter if you are buying a Screaming O Ring or one of our more expensive toys. We give the same service and satisfaction with every product we sell.

So if you have been thinking about adding some spice to your lovemaking, consider a Screaming O Ring. We actually like this toy so much, we include it in our Intro to Toys Box which is our top selling box!

Make this Valentine's day special and grab a Screaming O cock ring or maybe a box filled with toys.  Nothing says romance like a box full of sex toys.

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