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Where to Find “The Time”

At the crack of dawn, I am up writing for clients. After that, I am getting ready for work, getting my kids ready for school, making sure the house doesn’t always look like a tornado hit, texting who I need to text, and doing all of the things. My partner stays home doing all of the things while I am at work, until it is his turn to go to work in the evening and we switch roles. Yes, we work opposite schedules and that is not ideal when it comes to sex. You kind of need to be together for it to happen! We have hectic schedules that revolve around our family and our other activities. With a schedule...

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Are there Vibrators for Christians?

When you go to purchase something, what you really want more than a good slogan is for someone to provide great products and services. Being a Chrsitian is awesome. I don’t even think these companies are being deceitful or doing anything necessarily wrong. But honoring God with your business is about going above and beyond for every customer.  

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