Sex Toys for Couples

At Marriage Supply, our goal is to bring couples closer together. We've created this guide to help couples discover toys that can encourage new and exciting ways to mutually satisfy and delight each other. 

We Carry Three Types of Toys

  • Disposable Vibrating
  • Reusable Non-Vibrating
  • Reusable Vibrating

Disposable Vibrating

  • Single Function Vibration
  • 30 minutes or less battery time
  • Under $25
  • Very Portable

These toys last around 30 minutes each and are recommended to be used once.The vibrating function can help her achieve orgasm. Often the second function is a ring that keeps the vibrator in place, which can also help him to stay harder longer. The batteries can not be replaced.

Reusable Non-Vibrating

These are a great place to start if you have reservations about toys in general and/or ones that vibrate. Similar to the disposable vibrating toys, these are rings that can help him stay harder longer, the obvious idea being that a couple can enjoy more together. The vibrating function can help her achieve orgasm.

These like any reusable toy should be cleaned after each use and stored properly.

Reusable Vibrating

This is the largest category which has about three different sub-categories arranged by price, quality, and function.

  • Multi Function Vibration
  • Multi Speed
  • From $50 to $180
  • From very portable to less portable
  • From 50+ minutes of (replaceable or rechargeable) battery life
  • Waterproof (not all waterproof)

Review of the Screaming O

The best sex toy for couples starting out

"MY FEET TINGLED! This is amazing! My husband and I have been married for 7 years and we've never tried any "toy" in the bedroom. We've been missing out! It was fun to try something new with him and my experience was fantastic. The bottom of my feet tingled and that's never happened....ever!

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