We sell a lot of sex toys. Our goal is to help you add fun to all of your sexual experiences. But we have to be honest for a moment. Sex toys are really fun and can bring you a lot of pleasure. But there is one thing using a sex toy really does really well that most people don’t realize. 

Sex toys give you confidence. 

That’s right! You don’t just pull out a vibrating c-ring unless you are comfortable, confident, and securein who you are.  Confidence is one of the most important components to having an amazing sex life.  

Many people avoid sex toys because they are intimidated and we admit that sex toys can be very intimidating! When you see all that’s offered on the internet it can be overwhelming. Also, it takes bravery to tell your partner you would like to experiment with toys in the bedroom… or kitchen or wherever the moment takes you.  

At Marriage Supply we know that most of our customers purchase sex toys from us to enhance their sexual side.  But what we try to offer with every order is a sense of confidence. Because when you and your partner can laugh, love, and experiment with each other sexually then so many walls come down. 

We curate our products so that there are no pornographic images on the packaging. Those images set unrealistic standards about what sexual relationships look like and often don’t reflect health ysexual identites.  

You deserve love, trust, communication, respect, and to express yourself confidently.  Marriage Supply is here to support you with products we know will not only add spice but help you feel confident in your sexual journey. 

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