Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

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When we first started using toys in our marriage we barely knew how to use them, much less how to properly clean and take care of them.  But eventually, we learned how to keep toys working properly, how to clean them and how to keep them safe to use. 

Disposable Toys

At Marriage Supply we love short term use or disposable toys. With these toys, you really don’t have to worry as much about maintenance or cleaning because you are only going to use them for a short period of time. Most of these toys like, The Screaming O Ring, can be used anywhere from 1-20 times. This ring is one of our most proper products and it’s made of a jelly material. Although jelly is very common in adult toys and toy boxes, there are some things to know about these fun devices. 

For most people, their first experience with a sex toy is with a jelly product like a vibrator, dildo or ring. Jelly toys are usually more affordable and a great way to ease your way into trying toys for the first time. But jelly is a fairly porous substance that can often make these toys harder to clean and shorten their life span. The benefit is that they are usually comfortable and easy to use. 

So to get the most out of your jelly toys follow a few steps: 

  1. Make sure your toy is working properly. Look for any structural issues or missing parts and turn them on and off to see if it is ready to go.
  2. When you’ve made sure it’s in good shape, wash it before use with some water and bacterial soap. Don’t submerge your toy, but rather run some water over it. Dry it with a towel or allow it to dry. You can also wrap it in a towel and let it sit and dry. 
  3. After using a jelly toy, wash it again with anti-bacterial soap and again dry it with a towel or allow it to dry.  When it’s dry make sure it’s still in good working order. 
  4. Store your jelly toys apart and not touching each other. Jelly can sometimes attach or meld with other jelly toys and cause them to break or become unusable. You don’t want that! 
  5. Always use appropriate batteries and lube. With many disposable toys, you won’t need to change the batteries before you will want to throw them away. 
  6. We suggest water-based lube but try to avoid silicone lube on silicone toys. It’s not as imperative as it used to be, but silicone on silicone can damage cheaper made products. Silicone can be great though and we’ll talk more about lube more in the future.

Rubber Toys

Reusable rubber toys will last longer but the same rules apply with cleaning. Rubber is also porous, so be diligent with cleaning and maintenance to keep them working properly. 

Glass Toys

Glass toys are hypoallergenic and easy to clean with warm water and soap. They resist bacteria and are safe. Yes safe. They aren’t going to break inside of you. They are very sturdy and strong and won’t break unless dropped on a hard surface and from a pretty good height.  

Plastic and Acrylic

Lastly, like glass, plastic or acrylic toys are also hypoallergenic and will last you a very long time if maintained properly.  Just make sure you inspect the toys for breaks or cracks. Once that happens it’s time to throw them away and get something new. 

Hopefully, this Marriage Supply Fun Friday helps you enjoy our products more! If you have any tips on keeping your products clean and safe please let us know so we can share them! Use FUNFRIDAY code for 10% off! 

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