Bring “The Spark” Back into your Relationship PART 2

Back by popular demand we have 5 more ways to rekindle the spark in your relationship. Remember nothing has to be super detailed or overwhelming. Just love your partner and do little things to stoke the fire.  If you haven't checked out Part 1, you can check that out here.

Plan A Weekend Getaway…even to the bedroom.

Even if you don’t go anywhere far, plan a weekend away. This doesn’t even need to be in a different city, although it is more fun that way in my opinion. If you need to stay in town you can decide to be a tourist in your own city and enjoy the tourist activities that are often missed because you live there. When you are able to explore a new city, or even just a new place, you are able to make room to create lasting memories with your partner.

Something fascinating happens when we are away from our normal routine; it opens up a part of ourselves that we are not normally able to see. A person without responsibilities breathing down their necks. That allows our partners to be able to enjoy different sides of who we are. Simply by a trip that can help us escape our realities for a little while.

Learn New Skills Together

When you are able to learn something new together it creates a bond that can rekindle the spark that seemed to have gone dim. What can you learn? Literally anything from horseback riding, to knitting, painting, dancing, and literally anything that you or your partner are interested in. Have you ever heard your partner mention something that they wanted to learn how to do? Well now is your chance to make that come true for them. The point of this is to get out of your comfort zone and create a connection based on an activity that you were able to learn with him or her. The great thing about this is that after you learn together, you can use what you learned to rekindle each other later on in your relationship.

Take a walk

Sometimes this is too simple for people to understand. Walking on our own has so many benefits for your mental and physical health and when you are able to talk with your partner while you are taking a walk, you are allowing yourself to heal and reconnect through physical activity and communication. With openness in communication comes openness in the bedroom. It also makes you feel closer to your partner. You don’t even need to communicate about things that are important, maybe you spend that time joking around with each other instead. The time spent with your partner is truly time worth spent.

Lay In Bed Longer Than Normal

When you spend more time in bed, especially just holding each other, you not only are able to form a bond, but you are leaving room to speak about feelings and what is on your mind. Even if you just talk about dreams that you have had. This normally adds to some time to be physically intimate with your partners. Especially if you make it a goal to stay in bed for a certain amount of time. If you choose so you can purchase toys, games, and even outfits to try during your designated bedtime, if that is how you want some of your time to be spent.

Go device free for a day

In today’s society, we wouldn’t be caught dead without our phones. But it would be hypocritical to think that our phone use doesn’t get in the way of our being present with our family. We are drawn to our phones and the double edged sword of being constantly connected to people, who are not actually in front of us, ends up causing us to neglect our loved ones.

Here’s an idea: Set a day at least once a month where you and your partner (even the entire family) go without their devices. This will allow you to communicate better, enjoy each other’s time and just disconnect from the rest of society for a day. Who knows? Maybe your schedules will magically open and you have time for more “physical” activities.

Every relationship, even the best ones, need to be mindful of how they attempt to reconnect with their partners.

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