Are you too dry?

A dry vagina just sounds sad. A dry vagina can make you sad. But have no fear! It’s not sad at all. In fact, it’s very common and vaginas are really cool regardless of their wetness. In this post we’ll talk about what causes a dry vagina and what women can do to get the comfortable level of wetness.

There are lots of reasons a woman's vagina can be dry when engaging in sex.

  • Medications. Often certain medications can cause the vagina to remain dry. Birth Control has been found to cause some issues with vaginal dryness in some women.
  • Sleep. Getting enough sleep is very important to not only your vaginal health but overall health as well. When you don’t get enough sleep your body cannot respond properly and can cause many issues.
  • Getting older can cause dryness. As we age our bodies change and vaginal lubrication can diminish.
  • Confidence. Many women say that when they have a new partner or when they feel a little uncomfortable with their body type, that they find it harder to get wet.
  • Normal. A vagina might just not get that wet. It’s normal.
  • So there are many reasons that the vagina might not be as wet or moist as a woman would like. Are there any solutions? Of course!

First, there is always lube. Warming lube, cooling lube, water based lube, silicone based lube, super slick and high viscosity lube. There is a lube to meet everyone's needs.

Second, just have a conversation. Talking with your partner about your vagina can be very helpful. We know it can be intimidating to talk about your body parts, especially the parts used for sex, but you and your body are important. Sex should be pleasurable, safe, and comfortable. Have a conversation with your lover and tell them what’s going on.

Lastly, trying new things while limiting or stoping other things can make a big difference. Some women love to get straight to penetration. Some women love to take their time and kiss and hold their partner. Some women want to talk about what’s going on and some women prefer to stay quiet. Figuring out what you like and what you don’t can help you feel better about sex and get you and the vagina ready for sex.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone is different. That means unique! So don’t let yourself believe that something is wrong with you. You are wonderfully made and with a little bit of time, energy, and communication you can the happiest vagina in town.

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