Are there Vibrators for Christians?

Have you ever bought a Christian Vibrator? Hold that thought and we’ll get to it in minute.  But let’s start with some other businesses and products first. 

If you’re like me, at some point in your life you were riding down the road and saw a van drive by with a decal on the side.  It said something like Christian Roofing & Construction or O’Dooly’s Plumbing! A Christian Company. I’ve seen a lot of those too and they always seem to be in a Chic-Fil-a Line!   

Jesus was a carpenter so maybe that makes sense, but I think the reason these companies use Christian in there titles is to signal other Christians.  They are basically saying, “Hey choose us because we’re Christians and you know what means? We are good, and trustworthy, and set apart from the other heathen plumbers!”  Well at least that’s what I think sometimes when I see Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Siding and Gutters! 

But it might not be accurate that these companies are more trustworthy or provide better service. Being a Christian does not make you better at something. You know this I'm sure. 

When you go to purchase something, what you really want more than a good slogan is for someone to provide great products and services. Being a Chrsitian is awesome. I don’t even think these companies are being deceitful or doing anything necessarily wrong. But honoring God with your business is about going above and beyond for every customer.  

That’s why at MarriageSupply we don’t sell Christian Vibrators!  We sell amazing and wonderful vibrators. We sell products that we know will bring a smile to your face and hopefully some fire to your love life. That’s our goal.  We want to provide great products and customer service so you feel confident in every purchase.  That actually feels pretty Christ-like to us.  

We appreciate you trusting us to have no porn on our site and with providing you with really cool toys and adult products for you to have fun with and enjoy.  

Our niche in the adult toy market is to see if we can help your marriage and add spice to your sex life. We know that you are busy with your families, careers, and responsibilities. We want to help you get busy in the bedroom too!  

So we don’t offer Christian vibrators. We offer possibilities and fun with some of the best quality products you can find anywhere.  So what sounds better? A Christian Vibrator or a vibrator that makes your toes curl? 

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