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Bring “The Spark” Back into your Relationship PART 2

Back by popular demand we have 5 more ways to rekindle the spark in your relationship. Remember nothing has to be super detailed or overwhelming. Just love your partner and do little things to stoke the fire.  If you haven't checked out Part 1, you can check that out here. Plan A Weekend Getaway…even to the bedroom. Even if you don’t go anywhere far, plan a weekend away. This doesn’t even need to be in a different city, although it is more fun that way in my opinion. If you need to stay in town you can decide to be a tourist in your own city and enjoy the tourist activities that are often missed because you live there. When...

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Bring “The Spark” Back into your Relationship PART 1

Our relationships take work. Most of that work involves time and an effort to be able to remain vulnerable with your partner. Here are 5 ideas that you can use to rekindle “the spark” and be even closer to your partner. Set regular date nights If you google any type of advice that has to do with relationships, at the top of the list would be, “keep dating your partner,” but have you ever thought of why? It’s because date nights allow you to be able to reconnect without the stresses of thinking of the future or other issues that may arise in relationships. You are able to let loose and be your own person again and have fun with...

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Where to Find “The Time”

At the crack of dawn, I am up writing for clients. After that, I am getting ready for work, getting my kids ready for school, making sure the house doesn’t always look like a tornado hit, texting who I need to text, and doing all of the things. My partner stays home doing all of the things while I am at work, until it is his turn to go to work in the evening and we switch roles. Yes, we work opposite schedules and that is not ideal when it comes to sex. You kind of need to be together for it to happen! We have hectic schedules that revolve around our family and our other activities. With a schedule...

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It can be hard to get hard

Men have often been thought of as the aggressors when it comes to sex. Men pursue women and are “strong like bull!” But that’s a stigma that needs to be done away with forever. Just like women, men need the right mental and physical stimulation to achieve sexual pleasure.  

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This Valentine's Day... give your spouse a Screaming O!

Many people, especially Christian couples, often feel intimidated buying sex toys. The search data for adult toys often reveals keywords and search terms like Christian Sex Toys, Sex Toys For Christians, Safe Sex Toys For Adults, No Porn Sex Toy Sites, and Sex Toys For Married Couples to name a few. People like you are searching for sex toys but they want to find the toys on sites that they trust and feel comfortable viewing the site.

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