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Honeymoon Box Sex Kit | Wedding Night Toys

No one should ever have to google, "how to loose your virginity." However, one of our tea...

Shipping to USA Only | No International Shipments

Thank you so much for your interest. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer international shipping as the rate...

How to Talk to your Kids about Sex

Katie and Candice has recorded a few episodes on the subject and we wanted to post a few recommended books. God Ma...

The Free Sex Podcast by Katie and Candice

Candice and Katie, started this podcast to help spouses talk to each other. So many topics are very hard to talk abo...

Sex Toys for Couples

At Marriage Supply, our goal is to bring couples closer together. We've created this guide to help couples discover t...

What are the different kinds of lubricants? Water, silicone, organic?

Why more people should be using lube Using a lubricant offers a more pleasurable and satisfying sex experience. Not ...

Babeland Massage Candle

This candle is great! It provides light, a gentle scent, smooth consistency, and has natural ingredients! This soy-ba...
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